For your private classes, L’Usine provides you with a team of coaches called "The Mechanics", rigorously selected for their multiple skills.

Is the machine a bit sluggish? It is struggling to get moving ? To shift into a higher gear ?
Our coaches are here to help you achieve your goals and to select the right “tool” based on your needs.

Their motto : Motivation - Safety - Results.

The Mechanics

  • Romain


    Sport's coach for nearly 20 years, from muscle mass gain to weight loss, through pilates, posturology or massage therapy, Romain is able to meet most of your expectations in terms of coaching. He also practices crosstrainning and triathlon.

    The song that motivates him ?
    " Eye of the tiger, survivor "

  • Daniele


    Straight out of the artistic world, Daniele is our dance specialist and teaches our highly prized “Swan Lake” by L’Usine class. Specializing in step, hip-hop and aerobics, he is also a fitness instructor. Stretching and muscle toning hold no secrets for him.

    Before or during his sessions, he loves to listen to " Coccolino Deep "

  • Sébastien


    A team member since 2012, Sébastien is very versatile. He specializes in functional training, weight loss, boxing and specialized physical preparation. A real fan of motorcycle track riding, Sébastien also plays tennis and handball.

    His workout music ?
    " Beat It, Michael Jackson "

  • Pierre


    Personal Trainer and fitness instructor of our group classes, Pierre specializes in strength training, Pilates, functional training and weight loss. With a passion for and as a fan of endurance activities and pushing your limits, he will be able to give you the advice best suited to your pace and your desires.

    The music that gives him a boost during exertion ?
    " Happy, Pharrell Williams "

  • Lucy


    Specializing in Body Combat in particular, Lucy will motivate you during group classes. She will be able to prepare physical and nutritional obstacle courses for you. A lover of the mountains, skiing and running, she is currently getting ready for the Swiss IFBB championship.

    The music that gets her going :
    " Dies Irae de Apashe "

  • Gaël


    A former basketball coach specializing in traditional weight training and physical transformation, Gaël is unbeatable for body building. Also a physical preparation coach with extensive knowledge of sports nutrition, he loves sliding or gliding sports.

    His morning motivation ?
    " David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin "

  • Aurélien


    A combat sports and physical transformation enthusiast, Aurélien is a qualified personal trainer.  He is passionate about obstacle course racing and boxing. Always smiling, he will support you in your efforts and will help you take on new challenges.

    He pushes past his limits every day with :
    " Diva Dance, le 5eme élément "

  • Lucinda


    The yoga specialist... A real lifestyle for Lucinda. This enthusiast teaches Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. Also a fan of ballet and contemporary dance since she was very young, she will be able to pass on to you all of the techniques necessary to release tension from your body and your mind.

    To relax she listens to :
    " Daphne Tse "

  • Maxime


    Specializing in strength training and muscle sculpting, Maxime is also a fan of trail running and soccer. Whether on the training floor or through personalized coaching, he will be able to support you, help you and motivate you to achieve your goals. What are you waiting for ?

    The music that thoroughly motivates him ?
    " Credit song to counterpunch "

  • Chloé


    Specializing in yoga, Chloé loves everything having to do with nature, the body and well-being. The Power Yoga class on the Saturday morning schedule at L’Usine holds no secrets for her! Also a reflexologist and massage therapist, she is a road and trail runner. A great asset for you.

    She escapes by listening to :
    " Closer, Talisco "