Small Group Training

Train in a group and share your energy to achieve your goals !

Small Group Training is ideal for “boosting” your workouts and improving your overall physical fitness.
A real motivation booster, it encourages a real group dynamic. Our “mécanos” will help you improve your results, motivate you to challenge yourself and push past your limits !

Usine Sports Club Genève : Small Group Training
Usine Sports Club Genève : Team Building

Team Building

Offer your employees a novel experience in Geneva !

In order to improve the cohesion of your in-house teams, opt for team-building !

Break new ground in your company thanks to our 5-star team-building service and organize an extraordinary event in a unique location.


Personal training


Available and attentive, our “mécanos” offer you personalized motivation and support. They will give particular attention to your needs and to your requirements, all so that you can achieve and even exceed your goals !

Usine Sports Club Geneva : Personal training
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Group classes

Discover group classes to suit everyone’s preferences and goals.

A complete range of activities you can indulge in to your heart’s content in the Playground.

L’Usine offers you 56 group classes a week.


Our group classes


Immerse yourself in rides of astounding beauty and realism thanks to the virtual reality system Spivi !

Each class is a unique experience to clear your head, work up a sweat and let off steam! Follow the instructor !



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Usine Sports Club Individual workouts Geneva

Individual workouts

Cardio, streng training, stretching, work out at your own pace in unique spaces.


Individual workouts