Available and at your service, our "mechanics" offer you personalized motivation and support. They will give particular attention to your needs and to your requirements, all so that you can achieve and even exceed your goals !


Usine Sports Club - The Studio - Geneva

Posture tools

Through a subtle combination ofYoga, Pilates and Stretching exercises, we offer you the tools to improve your posture and your body movements while reducing any back pain you may have.


A space dedicated to shaping the body without stress with the goal of well-being in order to correct the posture, and prevent certain joint and muscle ailments.

Offered in an exceptional setting, which enhances the benefits. Formulas here.

« Zenitude bubble » with lighting and a refined architecture for mind-body harmony.


Fitness Tools

Your goal is not to compete in the next Olympic Games...
You just want to feel good and take advantage of everything your club has to offer. Allow yourself to indulge in our training programs specially thought out for your well-being. They combine a number of gymnastic, stretching, strength building and cardio training exercises to give you the lasting feeling of being in great shape every day.


High-end equipment, precision, targeting, safety, respect for the body and for movement.
The space welcomes strength training enthusiasts and offers you a range of latest-generation PRECOR GUIDED MACHINES with an ergonomic design perfectly suited to the goals of both men and women and allowing you to work all the muscles of your body safely.
A FREE WEIGHT area dedicated to performance, equipped with a Smith machine, weight benches, presses, Olympic barbells and dumbbells !

Usine Sports Club - The training floor


Usine Sports Club - The Workshop - Geneva

Performance Tools

Facing a challenge? The "Mechanics" have all the necessary tools to help you overcome your fitness challenges. They have been trained to take you where you want to go, particularly by using the latest training techniques: varying the pace in terms of strength or cardiovascular power.
Le coach est une valeur sure de votre réussite.


Room dedicated to functional training equipped with kettlebells, TRX, Jump box, Power bag...
ASo you get « the ultimate workout » you can no longer do without.


Combat Tools

Your boxing, Panuntukan and self-defense workouts are prime tools for improving fitness, stamina and tone.

Our coaches specializing in combat help you improve your concentration, your reflexes and your speed while allowing you to relax, de-stress and improve your confidence.


A vast and bright space ideal for practicing combat sports.

Usine Sports Club - The Playground - Geneva