Joining L'Usine means becoming a member of an urban-style club, combining exclusive benefits and top-of-the-range facilities.

At first, the club gives you the opportunity to get in shape by offering schedule, for your needs.

To set up a good back-to-school program, you need to know yourself well...At l'Usine, private coaching sessions are already included in your membership!

Height, weight, BMI, body composition, physical condition, age... Our coaches, who are among the best in Geneva, offer ultra-personalized follow-up following a complete series of tests which will enable us to establish, in complete confidentiality, the program that's right for you.

If you'd like to work out with a friend, we also offer group coaching! Until September 30, 2023, the club is exceptionally opening its doors to your friends and family, and offering you the chance to sponsor them.

Personalized subscriptions, year-round lockers, dry-cleaning service, towels and fruit available, SPA access...Absolute comfort for your sporting routine.

And because your health is our top priority, the club's 5-star rating from the Swiss federation of health and fitness centers means that your insurance will reimburse part of your membership.

Information : 022 319 60 30 /