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  • l'Usine Sports Club
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  • l'Usine Sports Club
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Genève : la révolution du recyclage puissance 1000 est en marche.

Le plastique à usage unique sera banni de la ville dès Janvier 2020.

Votre club s'implique donc dès maintenant ! Dans un souci d'éco-responsabilité, l'Usine Sports Club et son U'BAR proposent aujourd’hui de mieux consommer avec l'utilisation de produits BIO et, depuis peu, de gobelets biodégradables.

Changer nos habitudes au profit de solutions éco-responsables, le club s'implique durablement.

L'enjeu principal ? Respecter au maximum la nature et l’environnement dans nos actes quotidiens et vous proposer les meilleures solutions.

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l'Usine Sports Club - Geneva

Welcome to L’Usine

For the body to regain its place, it was necessary to invent a resolutely different concept: L’Usine.

A place, a mentality and a team that banish the vision you used to have of fitness clubs to a distant past.

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From traditional sports to innovative or entirely unexpected classes, L’Usine offers you a uniquely diverse range of activities, to experience in a group, individually or with a coach.

Fans of strength training, cardio training and cycling will be able to perform their favorite exercises on the very latest equipment designed to respect the body and movement.

Basic, relaxing or energizing, there are close to 60 weekly group classes to suit everyone’s tastes and goals.


Usine's activities
Geneva Coaching


For your private classes, L’Usine provides you with a team of coaches called “The Mechanics” carefully chosen for their multiple skills.

Is the machine a bit sluggish? Is it struggling to get moving? To shift into higher gear? Our coaches are here to help you achieve your goals and to select the right “tool” based on your needs.